Limo-driving singer urges Clinton to stay in the race

Clinton CHAPPAQUA, New York (AFP) – Salvatore Adamo — who shares the same name of a famed French-language singer of the 1960s — drove to Hillary Clinton’s estate Tuesday determined to urge her, in song, to remain in the Democratic Party’s presidential nominating race.

Adamo immigrated to the United States 54 years ago and is convinced that Clinton is the only candidate one who can “save America.”

“(Barack) Obama, don’t know, nobody really knows him,” said Adamo, 70.

A full-time limousine driver and part-time wedding and birthday crooner, Adamo has recorded a song titled “Queen of American Democracy” — dedicated to his favorite candidate.

Clinton spent the day behind at her estate in this small town of vast estates and old-growth trees 50 kilometers (31 miles) north of New York with her top advisors planning her next move.

Adamo pulls out his guitar and urges Clinton in a half-country, half-rock style song not to give up. He even plays tapes of his songs to reporters camped out in front of the Clinton estate.

“My message is: don’t give up,” he says. “Go, go Hillary, you’ve got to be the queen of American democracy!” sings Adamo.

Another Salvatore Adamo — a Belgian of Sicilian and a luminary of French music — has sold tens of millions of recordings worldwide. His superstar status in the recording world that just might have helped him gain an audience with the former first lady.

But this Salvatore Adamo cannot get past the candidate’s Secret Service protection.

The residence gate opens and reporters camped outside make way for vehicles with discreetly darkened windows. Secret Service agents push Adamo aside.

Couriers and Clinton sympathizers approach the gate, ring the bell and deliver bouquets of flowers.

When Adamo rings the bell a Secret Service agent opens the door. Adamo offers to sing, but as a backup he attempts to deliver a package with recordings of his song.

“We cannot accept any present, send it to this address,” the agent says, handing him a slip of paper.

Crestfallen, Adamo leaves with his gift. “It’s the address of the office downtown,” he says. “I am not going to send it, it’s now that she needs my song,” he said.

Source ~ AFP

4 Responses to “Limo-driving singer urges Clinton to stay in the race”

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