How often should a young couple have sex during a week?

How often do you have sex in a week? Here is an article from do you agree?

A young couple can have sex almost every day for one or two times, it is natural.

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A young couple can have sex almost every day for one or two times, it is natural.

  • My fiance and I are both in our mid twenties, and we seem to have sex 5-6 times daily, or until she is sore. I think it brings us closer together. If we fight, we end up in bed 30 minutes later. I think you should have sex as much as you want. It can’t be bad. Only good things could come of it.

  • As many times as they want. There is no right number for everyone. If you are both happy, then it’s the right number for you.

  • My husband & I are in that aPublish Postge group exactly & we have sex 3 to 4 times a week. But we have also been married for 10 years. If we did not have kids it would probably be more but nobody has the exact same sex life. So whatever number of times ya’ll want then it’s right.

  • My opinion is that if you’re 25-30 and you don’t have sex at least twice a week there may be an unforseen or undetermined problem, I think this also applies all the way up until (male or female) you get around 40.

  • I feel that if ur partner dosent want sex as often as u there is problem. A small descrepance is normal, however if ur sexual needs arnt being met then i sugest moving on or seek advice from a doctor or simular person.

  • They should be having sex as often as they want it and can accommodate it during the week.

  • Um…. say…. 20 times?? 😉 As much as you want, and if you like it, the more the better. A problem only arises when one wants way more or less than the other.

  • A couple should have sex enough times so that neither of them feels unsatisfied.

  • My boyfriend and I have sex 7-10 times a week, it doesn’t matter as long as your both happy.

  • Average couples have sex every 2 to 4 days. Some couples have sex daily. Some couples have sex only every other week. There is a wide variation.

  • The average time a couple should have a sex in a week is entirely up to the individual couple. However,I think a healthy couple should have sex atleast every two days. Sex helps couples live longer, is a great stress reliever, and brings the couple closer to one another. But the most important thing is not the sex itself, but the time taken to create a harmonious atmosphere so that both couples feel relaxed and can enjoy their sexual experience.

  • I think these answers are way out of line—4 times a week with kids– I think most couples would tell you that after the age of 30, sex once a week is about it. However, if you feel like having sex everyday–thats how often you should have sex

  • i am a young couple 🙂 Im 21 and my husband is 22 we have sex atlest once a day if we can…and if IM not in the mood i will do other things to please him. I also do other things if I am on that wonderful week of my menstrual cycle…hah! So yea its really good to have sex all you can because it really helps you stay close to your partner and besides if your pleasing eachother then you both dont have to worry about them looking for it else where. Keep them satisfied and they will come back for more.

  • Me and my boyfriend are both 20 and we have been together for almost 2 years. We used to have sex 3 times a day but wound up hurting ourselves lol, now we’ve slowed it down to 2 or 1 times a day. And I’m with the other girl..during that time of the month we still manage to have sex in different places..We aren’t nymphos either..and I think our high sex drives keep us in that “lusty” part of love where you just can’t get enough of the person.

  • WHATEVER WORKS FOR the both of you. If one of you wants often and other does not, TALK about it TOGETHER. COMMUNICATION is the key. If you BOTH want it 20 times a week, thats normal. If BOTH want it once a week, THAT’S normal. It is a private personal choice. If you don’t agree, seek counselling, also one should never pressure the other or make them feel guilty. Do what is agreeable and feels good!!
  • What is your definition of young? My boyfriend is 48 and I am 42. We have sex at least 4 times a day. Granted, he travels a lot, but when he is in town, we will do it that often for a few weeks straight.
  • I am 20 and i have sex 10 times a day when i want to (i normally want to about 4 days a week) when im not really in the mood me and my boyfriend have sex about 4 times a day. our sex normally lasts about 20 mins

As many times as you want to go for it, go for it. Its a personal thing, nothing to do with set rules or anything, when the mood takes you both, then do it, if it doesnt, then fine. If all other aspects of your relationship are good, then theres nothing to worry about.

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  1. Am 29 and my wife 26.i do feel like having sex daily but every time she is not in the mood or she is tired.sometimes it is like i force her to do it.she has never been in the sex mood.does she hate me or what?it has reached a point where i feel like looking for another partner.what is ur advise to me?

    • I think she is not sexually attracted to you. I think she loves you, but not in love with you. It only comes natural for a couple to want to make love to each other except of course if she’s been on some kind of medication or has suffered depression. I think you need to go and see a sex therapist, I hope things work out for the two of you.

  2. Man am in the same situation like u, the best is jst to look for another partner. there are ladie who naturaly they don’t want sex.

  3. Jeeeez you guys are lucky,
    My gf and I have sex when the time is right but as soon as we do I seem to deplete all the energy reserves and that’s her for the day.
    So ja once a day is my limit

  4. Well my boyfriend is in the army and he was in Afghanistan for 11 months and we were sexually frustrated being apart for so long so, when he returned we went and still going crazy for each other.. Meaning by we make love everyday sometimes 3 times a day I don’t mean to brag but hey he’s serving this country he deserves it!

  5. Okotie zacchius Says:

    Im okotie zacchius, im married for 29 and my wife is 26 we ve sex 10times most time a week. And we re happy

  6. I’m almost 18 and had issues with my father, long story short i got kicked out and am happily living with my boyfriend while balancing school and such. I basically go to school, come home and do homework or save it for later and am doing very well. Although whenever i come home my boyfriend always wants sex, i love having sex its just hard to do it all the time when he wants to and i’m tired from school and he doesn’t understand. Trust me i’ve explained several times to him sometimes i’m not in the mood because of being tired and lazy. I feel sorry for him because he wants it all the time and i don’t:( i’m attracted to him and all ofcoarse, but he makes me feel bad for not wanting to do it:/ help????

    • Fuck him more often that’s all you gotta do maybe not once a day but once every two or three days..don’t go weeks without it

  7. Anonymous Says:

    My girlfriend never wants to have sex with me ever….it makes me so upset..i try to rub her back and feet and im always sweet to her making sure she is comfortable saying the nice things that im thinking of trying to get her in the mood when we lay down at night. But non the less nothing. We are down to about once a month once every time she is not on the rag. Sometimes i swear it has been month and a half two months. She never comes on to me im always the one to get things going and shes never in the mood. Shes 29 im 27 i dont know what to do. It makes me really sad sometimes like she doesn’t what me not atr

  8. anonymous Says:

    I got really surprised with your answers. Ive been married for 5 yrs and I can say that my husband and I have sex only 2x a m0nth, worst is once a month!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    ive got a bf, we only had sex once on my birthday and ever since that he aint giving me some

  10. Am 24 and my boyfriend is 25, we have every day 4-5 times, except when observing my menses. Love,,,,gr8, um!

  11. billups m y b discrete Says:

    I have read these posts n there so intriguing. Im 26 and barely even scratch the surface with 2 times a day let alone i get it maybe once a month. I love sex n want it as much as possible but when i do get it its more like a peace offering forme to stay faithful. I aint goin no where but i need my urges to be meet more so than how it is. I aint ugly nor do i have a shortage or thin penis its just see feels like she want it when she want it. Whats a man to do?

  12. Rachael Adeyemi Says:


  13. My fiance is 25 wks pregnant and i like sex than she does,,i hear pg women like sex more is it true or do any of us has a problem?

    • over sexed Says:

      Me and my girlfriend have sex 4 to 6 times a week. Im 29 and she is 24. We have a 3 year ol daughter and we find plenty of time. Ill glady give up an hours sleep for intimate time with her.

  14. I thnk couples sld have sex almst evry often as they can

  15. Brokenwings79 Says:

    I wish my husband wanted it a tenth as much as you guys. I’d be happy with even three times a week – I can barely get him to have sex once a week. We’re newly weds and he sees sex once a week as a chore and thinks I’m a freak nymphomaniac for wanting to do it at least three times a week.

  16. Me and my girlfriend are both 18 and we have been together for just over 4 years…
    When we first started having sex it it was happening once almost every-time we were at each others houses (almost everyday) so around 5-6 times a week however, this has took a sharp turn and now and we only have sex once a week if IM lucky.
    She has completely lost her sex drive and i haven’t, i basically have to ask her if she is up for it before i make a move because if i do she straight up just turns me down every time.
    What the fuck has happened. We happy in every other part of our relationship and she assures me nothing is wrong and i believe her but i just don’t know.
    she just is never in the mood and i gotta say seeing all these comments saying you all have it 5 times a week sometimes twice a day stresses me the fuck out. I dont think anything anyone replies will help me improve my situation (thanks anyway if you try) i just cannot see a way out, i dont want to leave her just because of sex! And whenever i bring up the subject she just snaps “all you ever do is talk about sex!” When i really dont :/ shes such a cunt, but i love her.

    • Brokenwings Says:

      Wow I felt really sorry for you til the last sentence. Have you ever considered the problem is she knows you think and say things like that about her?

      I have sex as much as you (or less), and I want to be doing it as much as you wanting to be doing it (or more), but I would never ever think anything like that about my husband and I certainly would never say it.

      • What i said came accross wrong, the girl genuinely is nice, but she throws tantrums, lashes out for no reason and really is just a nightmare haha, the way we use the word cunt may differ from yours, its used in a lighter sense where in from, but i love her.

        And i feel your pain, from her point of view its all men. But from what your saying its obviously not!

      • Brokenwings Says:

        James I’m guessing you’re exactly where I’m from. Australia maybe? I’m just not a bogan. Only bogans think it’s “light”. The rest of us still find it highly offensive.

        It sounds like your girlfriend is deeply depressed and needs psych help. I think you’ll find if you get to the bottom of her depression, her sex drive will return.

        Unfortunately it’s not that easy with my husband who has never had much of sex drive in his entire sexual life.

        If you want to let your girlfriend know this… the amount you’re describing is an unhealthy drive. But in her defense, 70% of women have a hypo-active (abnormal low) sex drive – but most of those can be fixed.

        You might also like to let her know, 25% of men have hypoactive drives so it’s not just a guy vs girl thing. Unfortunately I have a man who thinks his drive is completely entirely normal and that I’m the freak.

      • First of all im not a ‘Bogan’ or a ‘Yobbo’ and I find the word Cunt to be a light word considering its origins as the sheath of a sword, so no you are wrong there. As for the genders Sex drives I have to say that its all dependant on age as james and his partner here are 18 thats a male most sexually active time in his life, he has more hormones in his body now than he will for the rest of his life and for women the sex drive hits overload in their late 20’s early 30’s which is where most divorces happen and may even explain you problem too as for you james sit her down open up to her. Most women dont talk about their feelings even though people say there all emotional they just feel emotions mote than we do they dont address them so sit her down talk to her and then you will know if its worth the fix of if its worth finding another fish thats my advice anyway cheers counts

    • Anonymous Says:

      I married my ex for 11 yrs when we first met we have sex once a day. After a yr we barely have sex once a month! All these years we are great and his really love me but very depresssing and anxient. So i asked him why? He thinks sex is a chore…2 yrs ago i decided to divorced him, i cant do this anymore feel like wanna cheat on him but i know i cant. Now i met this guy we have sex 3-4 times a day and my life has change… I m in my early 30 i f@&k’in lovely it.

  17. Anonymous Says:


  18. Anonymous Says:

    guys shld understand that as much as we luv sex but as long as lm not married to you dnt expect sex more frequent

  19. Anonymous Says:

    My bf and i are in early 30 we have sex 3-4 times a day. We love it.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    i fell in love with him at 15 and got maried with him at 20 , our sex life started only after marriage ,now am 21 and my husband is 28 ….. but we make only once or twice a month !!! i know he is a guy who wants more aswell …. but i dont get any reply when i speak about this to him …. i m starting to get depressed !!
    can any one got to say something ??

    • Anonymous Says:

      I am the one the same situation like you … But more bad than you because we have sex sometime once in 3 months. I really don’t know what I suppose to do. All I know, I should not stay with the guy like that…

  21. I’m single and i used took masturbate twice a day

  22. You are so interesting! I don’t think I have read through anything like this before. So nice to discover someone with some original thoughts on this subject matter. Really.. thank you for starting this up. This web site is one thing that is needed on the internet, someone with a bit of originality!

  23. I would have sex daily with my bf if I could – but it is him that doesn’t want to. At the moment we do 2/3 times a week.
    He has said he doesn’t want it too much as to lose the excitement and thrill of it. When we do – its amazing.
    This is my first proper relationship. What can I do to help spice things up and keep him interested?

    • chelsea Says:

      Its ok to have sex on your cycle just bath before you do it but i have sex 4 times out the week with my husband

  24. Dis is great Says:


  25. i have sex atlest 4 times a week and its good.

  26. I think she is not sexually attracted to you. I think she loves you, but not in love with you. It only comes natural for a couple to want to make love to each other except of course if she’s been on some kind of medication or has suffered depression. I think you need to go and see a sex therapist, I hope things work out for the two of you.

  27. My fiance and I have sex at least 4-5 times a week but he thinks this is not enough. When we do have sex I feel like he fantasises about other women so that turns me off and this makes me feel bad about myself. I’m 23 and he’s 32.

  28. Cameron Says:

    I’m 18 and my gf is 18 aswell we have been together for 3 years now and never had sex, in ready and im sure she is, I’ve tried to… Well… Set the mood but nothing ever happens, we have always talked about it and agreed to only foot when the time is right, I don’t want to force anything on her p.s we are both virgins, PLZ HELP

    • Please wait till you are married to have sex you will receive a blessing that you both will never ever regret

  29. i was married for ten yrs and my former wanted to have sex when she was in mood. but now i have love that we can have sex as long as we are together. i love this lady and want o marry her.

  30. God intended sex to be in marriage and if it is done beside marriage he cannot bless you as he would like to

    • Brokenwings Says:

      That’s great in theory, Edwin, but doesn’t always work out in theory. I waited until marriage and it drives me insane that my husband never initiates sex and we have sex once a week or less on the rare occasions he doesn’t reject my advances. Having sex before marriage is bad and damaging, but pray tell how you fix lack of sex IN marriage?

      • Hi everyone I am 31 male and have been married for 10 years , in the bigining of our relationship my whife and I would have sex every day after work , twice a day on weekends . this happened for at least 4-5 years and after that things started to change we would have sex only 2 times a week . now for the past 2 years if we do it ones a week is more than enough for my wife . which i thing is very wrong as for I am still very sexualy active as I was 10 years ago , I could do it every day any time of the day , I love my wife and I know she loves me to , and I cant imagine cheating on her , but I cant be having sex ones a week for the rest of my days I need to do it at least 2-3 times a week otherwise my genitals will explode 🙂 . I have told her all about this and her answer is , Is that all you think about sex ? now I know every person is different but ones a week is not normal , some people here say that they have sex 2-3 times a day ,I think that hapens in early 18 – 22 with a new partner for max 3-6 months ,this is the age of no responsibilitys , jobles and living on your parent . if you are over the age of 25 you have to think about the future bills to pay family to create and the sex drive is alot lower for man or women if living together, I personaly think is wrong to engage in sex just for the sake of your partner , sex should be enjoied from both partners . I’ve seen all the coment above and below and I have com to conlusion that womens have very low sex drive in life especialy after the 3 -5 years in marriage they lose the intrest in sex , their desires for sex fades , this worries me what really happens to them, what changes on them etc . In the other hand all the man I know expres themselfes very sex active at all the time I can see on the conversations I have with some friends that some of them dont know what climax is for women they don’t last to long to give her an orgasm but at leest they are willing to engage in sex 3 times a week but womens are a no no for weeks !
        Now I dont know what anyone have to say to my coment , I’d like to see what others think ,

        and guys have as much sex as possible it only brings happines in your lifes , facts 🙂 peace out

  31. my wife don’t like sex at all, she has be staving me, because of my faith i cant go into extra sex relationship. pls advice me

  32. Anonymous Says:


  33. Anonymous Says:

    OKAY, there are sure all types of stories here but mine might be somewhat unique and in need of immediate advice…

    So I am a male 25 years old and my GF is 24. I have always been the type to reserve myself for the person i build a relation with and never could bring myself to just have a one night stand or with someone I don’t yet feel anything special towards… but when i do meet that special someone and ease into it i’ll take all i can get, I used to have sex with my ex 3-4 times a day almost every day… but enough about her… my current Love IS a special case so i take extra precaution when judging the situation or even talking about it. She was born with a brittle bone disease and is very fragile, she can literally break something just by slipping on ground level like a very elderly person with osteoporosis… ( again she’s only 24 ) she does take medications and can live a somewhat normal life taking all the precautions… her condition worsens over time and i understand that, i guess since she was born with this she knew she wanted to have all her fun early on and i can’t really blame her, and since this is anonymous i’ll say that she has had close to “40” partners at her young age!! (she is absolutely gorgeous btw) i researched somewhere that the average is about 20… in a life time!! well i’ve only had about 10, which brings me to the point… she has i guess worn her self out with so much sex in so little time with so many people that now she can live without it, and i get the short end of the stick? i guess like i said it’s all taken a toll on her and she’s not as limber as she used to be… now i don’t want to sound like an ass, i definitely treat her right and tend to her every need with her condition, I work she doesn’t and i make sure she has everything she ever needs and all the love she deserves, and when we first met we did have sex 2-3 times a week, well now we are going on 2 years and i’m lucky to get it 2-3 times a month… and she is so sexy just looking at her turns me on! when we do get around to it she tells me straight up that she’s just doing it for me… what can i say to that considering everything? I guess this post is just to try and relieve a little frustration i’ve been having for months and try to get some opinions on the matter, but i don’t think anyone can truly say without being in her shoes 😦 i feel so bad for her but she is the only one for me and ever since i met her i’ve thought she was the most amazing person i’ve ever met!! ( btw ever since i can remember i’ve been giving her a nice full body massage as her trade of for sex since she apparently is all burnt out with sex and she swears that I am well endowed in comparison to most she’s been with and in fact i hurt her sometimes and that is not the way it should be)…. i know it’s a tuff one but any thoughts on the matter would be really appreciated… :-/

  34. På knull kontakt kan single finne oppegående sexpartnere
    som kun er ute etter erotiske eventyr, og dette med noen som deler samme preferanser som dem.
    Med litt glidemiddel eller olje på hendene kan
    du gå litt mer grundig til verks i rumpe-opphisselsen.
    Bedre er å ha en ”anal douche” en ballong du
    kan fylle opp med væske, helst tilsatt litt salt.

  35. Rachael Says:

    Me and my boyfriend have sex so many times a week, at least once a day, but most days its 2 or 3 times a day, is this healthy for us?

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Who has time to have sex 10 times a day for 20 minutes each time? That’s three hours and 20 minutes a day…

  37. Anonymous Says:

    im 29 years young and now with my girlfriend for about a year, i love her deeply but she only has sex when she wants it, 3 times a week, for a man like me that wants his woman to jump on him as soon as he gets in from work, in the morning before work, even in pubpic toilets, it has gotton to the stage that im holding on to the girl but only for mental reasons, im now deciding weather or not to end, anyone got some advice for me?

    • Brokenwings Says:

      Seriously??? You have no idea how lucky you are! You’re complaining about “only” three times a week? I’m lucky to get it three times a month from my husband and I want it at least once a day, would quite happily do it several times a day. On our 15 day honeymoon, I got it a grand total of 3 times and only because I kept pushing despite rejections at least a doxen times a day. And considering how many women have libido problems, most guys would kill for a woman willing to have sex 3 times a week. Advice? stop thinking with your little lower brain and start thinking with your upper, (supposedly) larger brain and wake up to how lucky you are. If you truly loved her, you wouldn’t be grumbling about “only” three times a week. Get a hobby that doesn’t involve your p****.

  38. I think the admin of this web page is in fact working hard in
    favor of his site, for the reason that here every material is quality based stuff.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    As many times a week you want to

  40. me and my boyfriend do it as often as we can…. twice a day is the average amount …. too much may land one being sore bt any number is good as long as one feels comfortable.

  41. I’m 23 and my girlfriend is 21. Is it normal for my girlfriend to not want to have sex more then once a week sometimes longer? I don’t get it and it drives me mad because I’d like to almost everyday if I could but apparently theres something wrong with me because of that. And if it just gets worse the older we get I’m afraid I might as well kiss sex goodbye..

    • Brokenwings Says:

      Matt no it’s not normal. If I let my husband decide we’d have sex once a month or less. It’s not normal and not healthy. But don’t give up on your girlfriend. She needs professional help. It’s either an underlying physical issue which needs treatment or a mental one that need counselling. Try and get her to a professional. She has no right to say something is wrong with you for wanting it only once a day. That’s what a normal healthy should want.

      • Anonymous Says:

        i just love my hubby…. for pleasuring…… so muchhhh its just so hard to be far from him…. we have been married for a month…. n n:( not being togther….. for family issues….. hope we come close soon…. for ever……

  42. me, die auch noch kostenlos ist, habe ich mehr Sexdates als je zuvor und kann jetzt so
    viele One Night Stands haben wie ich will. Triff dich einfach mit
    Kontakten aus über 4 Millionen Mitgliedern, die mit dir die Sünde
    begehen wollen. Ob Schöne Frauen oder attraktive Männer, es ist dir überlassen, mit wem du dich wann triffst.

  43. Is it possible that my boyfriend and i might be having TOO much sex? We do it at least six times a day everyday and this bothers me slightly because I do not want sex to take a centre stage in my relationship. We used to have a thing that wasn’t purely physical ( we connected on a much deeper level than most and that was the one factor I loved most about our relationship) but as of late, I feel more withdrawn from him than ever. I feel like I am by myself in this relationship and it is the only way to please him and make him happy. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it just as much as he does but I don’t want it to be all that we have between us. He is 19 and i am 18. We have been dating for almost 7 months. What are your thoughts people?

  44. Get a life people, life is not about sex!!!!!!

  45. i am 20 and my husband is 28 and we have been married almost two years. We still have sex at least 3 times a day everyday.

  46. Frequency of sex by couples depends on age, health condition & degree of intimacy of the partners involved. However, twice a week is ok on the average.

  47. Many couples encounter variance in libido level as they progress in their relationship. This could be as a result of some reasons that can’t be eradicated but managed only to an acceptable level … this calls for some degree of understanding by affected partner to avoid separation.

  48. me and my wife we have sex 10 times a daily and seven times a week

  49. Anonymous Says:

    my boyfriend and I have been together 5 years we are 21 now we have sex about 3 times a day when were together so about 9-12 times per week. and we love it. it keeps us close together and we dont have to worry about anything. it’s really fun to try all positions too to keep things jnteresting

  50. Anonymous Says:

    To anonymous with a gf suffering brittle bone issues as well as others, do you know that medications and even birth control pills have low libido as side effects?
    I just want some partners complaining of not getting enough sex from their partners to consider that the drugs/ medications their partners are on might also be responsible for a low sex drive.

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Do some people here not have jobs?

  52. Sadly, me and my gf only have sex about once a month. That said, we don’t live together – we’re both 21 and live at our parents’ homes. Then again, six past relationships suggest to me that women don’t generally like sex.

  53. tjo dat means m been left behind.i dated late,when i was 17 n got pregnant whn i was 24.i hav2yrs full without having sex…tjoh

  54. Celeste Says:

    Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and we live together im 21 hes 26 I would like to have sex everyday im always wanting to have sex but hes more of a once a week kind of guy what can I do? I don’t mind not having it everyday but at least every other day or even 2-3 times a week

  55. My marriage is three months old. My wife never initiated sex and most times when i initiate it, she’s either tired or not in for it, now she’s pregnant, this has worsened the situation. My kind of person is like having it once a day……….please what can I do?

  56. Sex between us has been reduced to about once a week.

  57. My Fiance and I have been together for 2years hes 8 years older than me&& We Have Sex3-4 Times a Day.. && Have Sex 21-18 Times A week. Hes the only guy ive had sex with in mi life&& our sex life is great. I think couplse should have sex ATLEAST TWICE A DAY OR 4-7 TIMES A WEEK…

  58. Been a new couples,atleast you should have sex two or three in a week,yes we all no that sex bring’s both together strongly but in another way round its can obstruct your other day activties if taking in every time because its has power.THANKZ

  59. can i really get information on how i can make my penis big and thick permanently. I need sumthng tht rlly works nd does nt hv negative effects.

  60. My boyfriend and I are 24, we’ve been together 8 months living together for 5. I swear the week we moved in our sex life went from almost everyday to once a week. I always want him, I have never wanted anyone more than I want him, but he’s never in the ‘mood.’ I always initiate even when all I want to do is please him (bj), but its depressing when I can’t arouse him. We’ve talked and argued and fought about it before but he doesn’t do anything. Our whole relationship is like that, I put in way more effort than he does in every part of our lives. Oh well, I know he got what he wanted, a replacement wifey, that’s why he doesn’t try.

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  62. I am 26 and my bf is 32. We have been together for almost a yr. and we only have sex once or twice a week. We never have sex back to back and we never have sex more then 1 round or never twice in 1 day. Is this normal or am I just overthinking this?

  63. Even people who are not yet married are talking for theirselves, normally a young couple should like have sex atleast two or three times in a week.

  64. Lucas lenin Says:

    Young peope shold make sex two time a week, they can do it during wekend only

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